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Esprit, a 31 foot Tashiba, 1986 is For Sale in Pensacola, Florida

Owners are Frank & Pam Daughtry      Ph. No. 850-436-4626  or email us.

It is with a heavy heart that this page is being posted today.   Having sailed this boat for the past two years, I have become, to say the least, "attached".  After careful and often emotional debate, the decision to sell her has been reached.  My sad state is your good fortune.

Pam and I both have enjoyed Esprit, but we believe the best course of action for us both, is to sell her.  I have maintained, upgraded, and cared for the boat  and have a very good understanding of her systems and components.   Whoever is the lucky future owner will be provided with as much of this knowledge as time will allow.

The Tashiba 31 was designed by Bob Perry as a blue water cruiser, capable of taking two people in relative comfort to any part of the world.  With a full keel, fully   protected rudder and prop, and 13,790 lbs. of displacement she's very smooth and docile in a seaway.  Having sailed the boat off shore, I can attest to her stability in any sea-state.

I encourage you to peruse through this site and examine the photos closely.  I have attempted to capture some of the quality of detail that shows throughout this boat, from the fine joinery of the interior to the ruggedness of the rigging. 

Some of my favorite times on Esprit have been  spent just sitting in the salon admiring the curve of a door head, or the absolutely perfect flushness of a scarf joint on the table edge.  Such craftsmanship is hard to find in a world where production quantity is valued so highly over quality.  This boat is truly quality in a highly aesthetic and functional sense.

Our asking price for Esprit is $110,000.00. 

If you have questions or want more specific information fill in the form below, and we'll do our best to give you the information you request.   Please include your email address, this form does not send it automatically.


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